1. alicecarrier:

    pretty organic/geometric shoulder cap piece.  so much fun!!

  2. cutegirlonthebus:

    exactly one year ago i got this beautiful tattoo. lotus flowers are a symbol of rebirth and perseverance to me.

    lotus flower roots begin in the mud, they grow through the water and after much struggle, a precious, fragrant flower blossoms above. 

    here’s to persevering through the mud and water, unable to breath, and coming out in the end much better than in the beginning.

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  5. Markiplier the Expert Ball Handler


    Have another dancing Mark.

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    Demonstration on how a lot of girls probably achieve the beloved “thigh gap”.
    Push your hips back, knees slightly apart. Tada, you have now given hundreds of girls a delusional hatred for their body amd made them think something is seriously wrong with them just because their thighs touch.

    Everyone signal boost the fuck out of this ok


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